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Get a video player, video downloader, browser, app downloader, online gaming, social media platforms, and much more within a single app with Vidmate.

Vidmate is an all-in-one entertainment platform for millions of users. It is a complete Android app with tons of offerings and services. Download HD-quality videos from YouTube and thousands of other websites. It is also an all-in-one video downloader for different social media platforms. You can download Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media videos.

Moreover, it is also a powerful video player and music player. Users can play all formats of videos and audio files with this powerful media player. It offers hundreds of online games and serves as a powerful online gaming hub. You can use it as a browser to access different websites and social media platforms. Furthermore, it also serves as an app store with tons of games and apps to download. The comes with a very eye-catching, easy, intuitive, and customizable UI. All in all, it is a complete Android package and a must-have asset for all Android devices.

History & Overview of Vidmate App

Vidmate was initially designed for downloading videos from YouTube and other platforms. The app was developed and launched in 2016. Balram Kumawat is the CEO and owner of this app product. The app is an Indian product and the company’s Head office is in Delhi. It has gained huge attention from users and earned global fame in no time.

This urged developers to introduce new features to expand the entertainment range of the app. By now it has become a big name in the Android App industry with millions of active users.

Highlights of Vidmate MOD APK

  • Huge collection of videos & music from various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Easy-to-use interface with a user-friendly design for easy navigation.
  • Download and stream videos in various resolutions and formats.
  • High-speed download options for quick downloads.
  • Live TV streaming of popular channels from all over the world.
  • In-built video player to watch videos without any additional app.
  • Audio-only mode for listening to music while saving data.
  • Personalized recommendations based on viewing history.
  • The multitasking feature allows downloads in the background while browsing other apps.
  • Night mode feature for comfortable viewing in low-light environments.
  • Support for multiple languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, etc.
  • Option to create playlists and share with friends.
  • Video-to-audio converter feature for converting videos into MP3 format.
  • Easy-to-use search feature to find specific videos.
  • Multiple downloads with easy download management.
  • Automatic retry feature to resume incomplete downloads.
  • Ad-free user experience with no interruptions.
  • Option to set download speed limits as per user preference.
  • Share downloaded videos and music on social media platforms.
  • Free to use with no subscription fees or hidden charges.

Features of Vidmate MOD APK

Vidmate has become a most loved app among Android lovers. It comes with a full house of entertaining features. Some of its noteworthy offerings are listed in this feature section.

One Video Downloader for All Your Needs

This is the primary and founder feature of this app. It was purposely designed to download videos on the go. You can download all format videos from all sorts of platforms. It allows HD-quality video downloads from YouTube and thousands of websites.

You can download videos of different formats and quality according to your needs. Moreover, It supports video downloading for a variety of social media platforms as well. You can download social media videos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and others.

Audio Download

This multi-feature gadget also serves as an mp3 converter & audio downloader. You can download audio files from different websites. It also converts videos into audio to allow you to download YouTube & other videos as audio files. Moreover, it supports all audio formats for downloads.

All formats of Video & Audio

This downloader app comes with a complete range of format support. It offers dozens of popular formats of audio and video.

Stream Videos Before Downloading Them

It is not just a downloader, rather you can stream videos in HD quality. You can check different videos before downloading them. Moreover, you can also use it as a full-time streaming app to stream a variety of content.

HD Video Quality

The offers a huge variety of video resolutions. You can pick different video quality resolutions for your streaming and video download. You can switch to different video resolutions at any time while streaming. It supports 144p to 4k HD quality videos. Moreover, you can also keep any video resolution for your downloads as well.

Different Audio Quality for Downloads

If you wanna download mp3 audio files, it offers different audio qualities for downloads. You can go with 128kbps, 256kbps, or other desired audio quality resolutions.

App Store

Vidmate MOD APK is not just a video or audio downloader. Rather it is also a very reliable app store as well. You can download thousands of apps and games in hundreds of categories. Moreover, the installation of apps & games from this source is rated highly secure by the users.

Fast Download Speed

Whether you are downloading video, audio, or any app, you will enjoy very high download speed with Vidmate. Moreover, You can go for multiple downloads with the same speed at once.

Multiple Download

The app allows users to queue multiple videos for downloads. You can customize your download settings. You can keep downloading desired videos at once with this app.

Easy & Simple Download Manager

Vidmate MOD APK offers a very unique but simple & intuitive download manager. You can manage ongoing downloads. Pause/resume ongoing downloads and also manage your downloaded files as well. Moreover, you can move, delete, copy, or share downloaded videos from the download manager.

Powerful Video Player

There is no need for an additional media player when you have this multi-feature gadget. It includes a very handy and powerful video player. This player can play videos of all formats & resolutions with simple controls. Moreover, it supports video playback as well.

Multi-Feature Audio Player

Vidmate Mod APK also includes a powerful audio player. You can play all your downloaded videos as audio in the background with this music player. Moreover, you can also play audio tracks and songs from your device storage. It also allows you to customize sound and equalizer settings.

Background Video Play

No need to stick with a media player or video interface all the time. You can go for the video playback feature in this awesome app.

Online Gaming Hub

This video downloader is also a gaming hub for online video gamers. Players can play thousands of online games. Moreover, there are no subscription charges for gaming zones.

Support for a Variety of Social Media Platforms

You can browse and download videos from different social media platforms. It supports Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and many social media giants.

Built-in Browser

Browse thousands of websites and different social media platforms with a built-in browser.

Auto Link Detection

Whenever you copy a video link to your clipboard, this app will auto-detect this link. It will detect the link and provide a download button for this link. It is an easy way to download social media videos.

Freedom to Choose Storage Space for Downloads

Vidmate MOD APK allows users to choose storage space. You can download videos into Device storage as well as SD card or external storage.

Private Space with a Lock

This app also offers a private space room. You can put personal videos behind a lock in this private space.

Simple & Effective UI

This all-in-one entertainment app comes with an intuitive UI. All the top sites and social media platforms are pinned at the top. A search button is given there to download, search, and browse different videos, apps, and websites. There are different sections and categories to access the content of interest more easily.

No Subscription Charges

This extreme entertainment comes to you without spending a penny. The app does not need any login, subscription, or signup. Moreover, all its services and features are free of cost.

Some Most Frequently Occurring Errors of Vidmate App along with their Solutions

Error 404

One of the most faced errors by Internet and Android app users.

Solution: Check your internet connection and try reloading the app.

Parsing Error

It is also a very frequently faced error with Vidmate users.

Solution: Uninstall the app and then download and install the latest version from a reliable source.

Vidmate App not working

If you are an Android app user then you must have faced this error with various apps. But for Vidmate users, here are the fixes to this problem.

Solution: Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed. Try restarting your device and clearing the cache and data of the Vidmate app. If none of these solutions work, uninstall the app and reinstall it from a reliable source.

Video Playback Error

This is one of the frequent errors of this app. In this case, your video playback is stopped or you fail to kickstart a video playback.

Solution: Check your internet connectivity and connection strength. Try clearing the cache and data of the Vidmate app. Moreover, also make sure your device has enough storage space.

Download Failed

Sometimes you fail to download content with this app. It may be caused by various technical or connectivity issues. Here are some fixes to this saga.

Solution: Check the connectivity and strength of your internet connection. Try restarting the app as well as your device. If the error persists, clear the cache and data of the Vidmate app. Now try downloading the desired content again.

Connection Error

This is a possible case of a weak internet connection.

Solution: Check your internet connection and try restarting the app. If the error persists, try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Insufficient Storage Error

As the name suggests, this error is triggered by low storage space.

Solution: Clear unnecessary files and apps from your device’s internal storage. You can also try moving some apps and files to an external SD card.

Video Not Available Error

This error occurs when the video is not available on the source platform or has been removed.

Solution: Try searching for an alternate source to download the video from.

Pros & Cons

This extreme entertainment platform has some lights and darks. So let’s go through them skimmingly.


  • Wide range of video and music sources.
  • Fast download speeds.
  • Multiple download formats are available.
  • No ads for uninterrupted usage.
  • Live TV streaming.
  • In-app video player.
  • Audio-only mode for saving data.
  • Personalized recommendations.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Playlist creation and sharing.
  • Batch downloads.
  • Free to use.


  • Not available on official app stores.
  • May contain copyrighted content.
  • Requires manual updates.
  • Some videos may not be available for download.
  • No guarantee of video quality or accuracy.

How to Download Vidmate MOD APK on Android

Despite having millions of users, this app is not on the Play Store for direct installation. But thankfully, you can get a MOD APK file of this entertainment platform from this page. This webpage is designed to provide you with a 100% working MOD of Vidmate. Go through the described procedure to grab the app on your Android.

  1. Tap the button including the download link. It will take you through to the download page designed for this app.
  2. Get the app file of Vidmate Mod from that page.
  3. Open the app file, it will ask you to allow installation permission for unknown sources on your Android.
  4. Go to Settings>>Security>>Unknown Source Permission.
  5. Turn the Unknown Source Toggle on and return to the downloaded APK file.
  6. Complete installation and launch the app.
Size18.4 MB
Mod InfoPremium Unlocked
RequirementAndroid 6.0 and Up
UpdatedOne day Ago

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Final Verdict

Vidmate MOD APK is a complete entertainment app for Android users. It offers high-speed HD video downloads. Download YouTube videos in different video resolutions and audio formats. Convert videos into audio. This serves as a video downloader for all popular social media platforms.

Moreover, the app is also a complete media player with audio and video play. It also supports video playback and can also convert videos into audio. Auto-link detection makes video downloading quite simple and easy. Download tons of apps & games and play thousands of online games with Vidmate. Get the app now and put a full stop to all your entertainment-related needs with this all-in-one entertainment kit.


What is Vidmate MOD APK?

Vidmate MOD APK is a modified version of the original Vidmate app. This modded version allows users to download videos, music, and other multimedia content. You can get this variety of content from various websites and social media platforms. It offers additional features and benefits compared to the original app.

Is Vidmate MOD APK safe to use?

The Vidmate MOD version is not available on official app stores. It is generally safe to use as long as you download it from a reliable source. This website is 100% safe and purposely designed for this app. You can get a safe, 100% working, and free mod of Vidmate from this page.

Can I use Vidmate MOD APK on my iPhone or iPad?

No, this is an Android app and does not support iPads & iOS devices. You can not use an official or mod version of this app on an iOS device.

How to update Vidmate MOD APK?

You can download and update the latest mod of this app from this page. This page provides all the latest updates & mods of Vidmate.

Can I download YouTube videos using Vidmate MOD APK?

Of course, you can do that. Downloading YouTube videos is the core feature of this app. You can download YouTube and all other social media videos with this app.

What are the alternatives to Vidmate MOD APK?

There are several alternatives to Vidmate MOD APK such as TubeMate, Snaptube, VidPaw, and KeepVid. These apps offer similar features and functionality and can be downloaded from reliable sources.

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